Now I’m not one for regulation, per se, but have you ever gone into a Doctors office and seen ahead of your exam the prices that you would pay, either for the exam, procedure or drugs for the cure? The answer is a resounding No! and that is paramount when it comes to controlling costs.

A Mr Steven Weismann, a former Hospital Chief has brought this to our attention in an interview on Fox News this week. He sure as hell has something here and it would be wise of our leaders to consider implementing a law requiring doctors, pharmacies and health care providers to post their prices.

If you want to control the cost of health care you can’t get a better way of doing it. Instituting competition into health care will bring down prices.

Mr Weismann should be lauded for bringing forth the obvious that has escaped all of us for far too long.

Do you know of any other industry that doesn’t post their prices ahead of you buying it?
I can’t think of another!

Thank you, Mr Weismann!

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