Pres. Trump recently pardoned Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona. He was convicted of a misdemeanor of profiling illegal aliens at the Arizona border in violation of a Judges order.

In contrast, ex FBI Director James Comey doesn’t have executive privilege for pardons like the President but it was recently revealed that he was trying it on for size. He was drafting a pardon for Hillary Clinton before completion of his investigation into her email scandal and before interviewing the perp herself.

In addition, a FOIA request for documents of the Hillary email scandal and the investigation was denied because ‘it would serve no public interest’ to grant that request. You would think that those records belong to the American people since so much controversy swirls around this case in such an unseemly manner.

Maybe David M. Hardy of the FBI’s Records Management Division, the  keeper of records doesn’t understand that he is to be non-political?

He notified Mr Clevenger who request the documents that “You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,”

This is to protect the privacy of the former Secretary of State and the records that she produced during her time in office? Apparently and according to Mr Hardy Har  Har,  he is to protect her private store of our records while in the employ of the American people?

He must have gotten the memo and may not keep records of  ‘matters’ but just those of investigations and since it looks so much like there wasn’t any public interest maybe, just maybe there wasn’t any real investigation?

He should look under the rug. I think he would find those records of public interest. This is the same guy who couldn’t fulfill a FOIA request from the State Department and the Secretary of State during the years of Hillary’s tenure because she was hiding those servers containing them in her bathroom. He had a duty to disclose this outrage but never issued a peep and was complicit in keeping it secret.

These are our records. The Secretary of State has no ownership whats-so-ever while in our employ. She was paid and received a salary to do a job for us. We paid for them. We want them. We demand them. We want this clown fired and we demand those records be made public and we demand recourse.

These records are not the property of the Democrats in office. They either lose them, trash them, burn them, slam them with a hammer or incinerate them in one form or another and it’s sickening. Now those that remain and miraculously survived are not to be disclosed because we have another swamp-dog providing cover.

This is consistent with their behavior wherever they hold office around this Country while we sit back and watch them use their government office for personal gain and then disappear with the evidence.

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